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Sunday, 26 May 2002


quote [ Insaniquarium is a highly addictive game where you grow and raise a collection of fish. Keep them well-fed, and they will reward you with riches. Fail to feed them, and they will perish. All this, and seafood-loving space aliens too! ]
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RIAA to shut down Audiogalaxy

quote [ The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York on Friday by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), on behalf of its member labels, and the National Music Publishers Association, Inc. (NMPA), on behalf of the music publisher principals of its licensing affiliate, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. and their thousands of songwriter partners. The complaint specifically accuses Audiogalaxy of "willfully and intentionally" encouraging and facilitating "millions of individual, anonymous users to copy and distribute infringing copyrighted works by the millions, if not billions." ]

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. Kinda futile IMO, they will never be able to stop filesharing.
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Saturday, 25 May 2002

Judge Julie ruleZ

quote [ Julie Strain is an expert of advising the sexually-challenged of the male species.
Browsing through her stacks of emails and letters from last year, Her Honor has picked out the most entertaining and informative questions from Controversy 2001. ]


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quote [ Hello website fan! Reamweaver has everything you need to instantly "funhouse-mirror" anyone's website, copying the real-time "look and feel" but letting you change any words, images, etc. that you choose. ]

I figured I would wrap up my anti-corporate frenzy today with a fun little piece of software for y'all.
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Got a Little Spare Time on Your Hands?

quote [ ŪTMark is a market-driven system, and we list any project that meets our bottom-line criterion of "attack without physical injury"... to humans, that is. ]

Anyone with a little extra money (after giving all your hard earned cash to SE, of course) should invest in one of these projects. Don't have any cash? Invest your body. This is something you can look in the mirror after you have done and say "I AM a good person... or at least one amazing asshole."
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Billboard Liberation Front Strikes Again

quote [ Tired of one-way communication from corporate advertising? Give people space for a response. The Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia shows you how to convert billboards into chalkboards for everyone in your community. ]

Anything to help MY community...
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Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the first realistic videos of people saying things they never said

quote [ In one demonstration, the researchers taped a woman speaking into a camera, and then reprocessed the footage into a new video that showed her speaking entirely new sentences, and even mouthing words to a song in Japanese, a language she does not speak. The results were enough to fool viewers consistently, the researchers report. ]

Can you tell the difference between the real video clips and the synthetic ones created by new MIT software? Watch these clips, decide which are real and which are fake, then see the answers below
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just a guess

whenever you click on the photo on the left of this tech/newssite it links to certain funny/interesting links. is it a coincidence that mike magee links to the same ESP link, SE did recently or is he reading SE? Mike tell us!
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Scientology Fan Fiction

quote [ "This is Chase Hardrock, Scientomologologist Warrior," he proudly stated while brushing back his illustrious brown hair which had grown to new lengths and became much more handsome and flowing ever since he graduated to OT IV.

"Chase! This is Clair at Sci-Base 7, the floating Scientistalologoimistriology base above the Atlantic Ocean! We need you up here quickly!" Chase recognized Clair's voice instantly because he had heard it before and had wisely decided to remember it. "Those pesky Thetans are up to their old tricks again!" ]

Best. Fanfic. Evar.
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