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Read about the above situation in Wired News.

On December 20, "Bush" held a press conference at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Speakers included etoy.CURATOR Suzanne Meszoly, etoy.ADVISOR Douglas Rushkoff, Leonardo representative Jack Ox, a masked representative of the Electronic Disturbance Theater, Wolfgang Staehle of the Thing, Reverend Billy (pictured), Joshua of Praystation (speaking about Eviltoy.com), a Fakeshop representative, Mark Tribe of Rhizome, and Heidi Pollock, the computer-buyers' columnist for iVillage.com.

Here is an open letter from National Philistine about the proceedings. We agree wholeheartedly with its sentiments, and that it is essential to continue, increase, and intensify direct action against companies like eToys in order to establish decency where the law fails. (If it hadn't been for the Brent Spar, petroleum companies would not now be asking advice from environmentalists at every turn.)

Here are four of the texts read at the conference.

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